• Sep 02, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: Game Room

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Fall is coming quickly and with it brings Sunday afternoon viewing parties on large televisions and comfy couches. Host the next one! Here are all the tips you need to create a room perfect for hosting your closest friends and cheering on your favorite sports team.

It's all about the TV.


As crazy as it sounds, this is one room design that revolves around the television. The design must start after you decide where the television will be placed. There's no point in going over to watch the game somewhere you can't even see it! Work to make the television the focal point of the rest of the design, it will make it so there's really no bad seat in the house!

Prioritize Seating


Speaking of seating, it's almost just as important that the television in the design. If people are coming over to watch something, they will want a place to sit and watch it! The more seating available, the better the game room will be. One good tip for arranging seating is to stagger the levels of viewing height to make sure everyone is able to see the television.

Place for Snacks


After seating, the next priority is a place to rest all the yummy apps and game time snacks for company. Setting up platters and chip bowls will be much easier if you have a place to put them. Preferably, the snacks should be placed somewhere people can reach without having to get up. A medium-sized table or counter space should be close enough to the couch to serve food on during the game.

Durable Floors


Floors pictured: Earthscapes Vinyl from Carpet One Floor & Home.

The floors in a game room are very important. It's necessary to invest in floors that will last through all the jumping up and down and dropped chips and dip. A floor that can withstand the high level of foot traffic and resist stains and spills. Lees carpets, Invincible Hardwood and Earthscapes Vinyl are three good options for a game room floor.


For more game room inspiration, visit our Pinterest Board.



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